Tuula Pere

Award-Winning Children's Author 

Ph.D. in Law


Dr. Tuula Pere was born in Finland in 1958, and spent some of her essential childhood years in a small village in Eastern Finland. She moved to Helsinki at the end of the 1970s when she began her studies at the University of Helsinki Faculty of Law.


She has worked as a lawyer and served in various expert and senior management positions in international corporations.


After her long professional career, Tuula Pere started to realize another dream of hers: she has already written and published over sixty children’s books and poems.


Tuula Pere is an avid music and sports enthusiast and a keen baker. She is married and a mother of three.


One person has a limited capacity to influence the life around. To compare it to a drop in the ocean feels often very right - and very depressing.

But I think that we should not underestimate the importance of that single drop of water. Without all these tiny drops there would be no oceans, no lakes or rivers, and the wells would lack water.

Every individual trying to do something good in this world surely finds a particular way for it. Writing children’s books is one remedy. Not everybody sees its importance and many think that it’s just wasting time.

I trust that any work done for the right reasons and with a warm heart makes a difference. For me the best motivation is to hear from the young readers – and their parents and teachers, doctors, nurses and other helpers – about the influences that good stories have.

To me a good book is something that gives the reader – small or big – a warm hug and encourages to overcome difficult times. It also builds bridges between people and emphasizes existing similarities instead of differences.

This might sound naive, but I have always believed that kind words are powerful. They are like little candles that can lighten dark spaces and make them feel more like a home for all of us.

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